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Ashland, 2015:

Arts, sciences and humanities build healthier, more livable, vital communities. They are essential to a strong education system. They contribute enormously to our economy.

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We want the Commonwealth to support arts and culture as much as arts and culture support the Commonwealth!

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The Ashland Cultural Council was created to promote the arts and to develop programs for the community. We are a Council of volunteers who administers the Massachusetts Cultural Council grant funds and we will be reviewing grant applications from individuals, scholls and organizatiions in November. We are collecting community feedback to help us set our funding priorities for the next few years. Please take a moment to complete this confidential survey.

Interested in volunteering for the Ashland Cultural Council?
Please fill out the Talent Bank Form and mail it to:
Town Manager / Selectmen Office at the address below or email the Board of Selectmen's Office.

Mailing Address:
Ashland Town Hall
101 Main Street
Ashland, MA 01721
(P) 508-881-0100